How to enroll in the British Show Jumping Association

When you watch show jumping competitions, you wish to be part of them. You might be surprised to find out that it is quite easy to enroll in the British Show Jumping Association. This is the right place to learn the best practices, which will turn you from a passive competitor to an active one.

Find out the steps to enroll in the British Show Jumping Association

British Show Jumping Association made it simple for anyone to become a member. Fill in the membership application form available on their official website. Here you will get to choose between club and national memberships. Whilst the first one allows you to attend all regional competitions and two national races with no money prize, the second one entitles you to attend all regional and national competitions that involve a financial prize. And there is more, if you are a new member do not miss the motivating discount for new joiners.

After you finish your subscription, start registering your pony or horse. If you do not have one, enroll a horse that belongs to someone else. British Show Jumping Association accepts also the horses for which you do not have the ownership. Fill in the pony or horse registration form and send it over along with the markings page signed and stamped by a vet. This is all you need to become a member of British Show Jumping Association. The prices are quite affordable especially for beginners and the advantages are spectacular. You will receive full training support to achieve the best results.

Become a member of British Show Jumping Association in two easy steps to start your adventure. Amaze everyone with your horse jumping show at all kind of competitions and enjoy every moment of pure adrenaline.